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Co-director, Kathy Colpas launches a demonstration rocket at the Florida Association of Science Teachers Convention in Orlando. *includes for each competitor –
«     RFTS Competition registration
«     Rocket kit   /  Value - $15 to $19
«     Supplies for 2 solid-fuel launches   /  Value - $6 to $8
«     Full color achievement certificate with Christa McAuliffe’s picture and “Reach for the Stars!” quote - featuring the artwork of Astronaut & Moonwalker, Alan Bean   /  Value - priceless

The annual Reach for the Stars ~ National Rocket Competition is designed to be used as a fund raiser.  Individual Competitors find sponsors for $30 – very reasonable for a national STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) event.

We deliver everything* to the host at $20 each. Two dozen competitors bring in $240 to their group - while competing in the national event.
The RFTS Competition meets qualifications for:
«   Boy Scout - Space Exploration merit badge
«   Girl Scout - Girls Go Tech
«   4-H - Aerospace & Rocketry Project
«   Civil Air Patrol - Model Rocketry Program
«   YMCA - STEM Camp
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