You:      set aside time for rocket science.
     tell us how many students will be involved.
We:      arrange for order and delivery .
     supply achievement certificates for your students.
     help with fund raising -
          by providing you with an itemized (no obligation) invoice and
information packet tailored to your needs.
Provided at no additional cost:   (with group orders)
     - on-line help from construction through launch.
     - Pause-for-Science Rocket Construction video.
1.  How many competitors? (minimum 12)
2.  What age / grade?  
(age 10 to 18)
3.  When do you want to launch?
4.  Do you have launch equipment?
(launch pad and control)
5.  Are you experienced?

All offers pending availability of funds. The goal of our program is to give kids the unique educational experience
of building and launching their own solid-fuel powered model rocket.
Copy the questions below into an e-mail
           - We'll send you a 'no obligation' detailed estimate..
Teacher Gil Burlew meets
Christa McAuliffe's mom -
Grace Corrigan
at October Sky Festival
The Rocketman presenting  certificate
to Joe Brannon , teacher
Braden River Middle School
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Space Shuttle Launch
Author Homer Hickam presents Space Shuttle Challenger commemorative medal to 2014 RFTS Winner
Anthony Roberson at US Space & Rocket Center
The Rocketman joins teacher Susan Roberts and her students at the
Sarasota Middle School launch.
RFTS Competition Launch
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