The aim of the Helping Kids Reach for the Stars~ National Rocket Competition is to give kids the exciting opportunity to build and launch a solid-fuel powered model rocket. This will generate an interest in learning and foster a greater understanding of the challenges faced by scientists in achieving their goals.
We want all schools, scouts and youth groups to get their kids involved in rocketry.
Everyone remembers their first launch.  What other educational activity can you say that about?
Jack & Kathy Colpas, co-directors
phone (941) 955-3958
We'll help you choose the best Rockets for your class / group.  
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to bring rocketry to your kids.
                       Your kids can't win it - if they're not in it!
The Rocketman, Jack Colpas meeting Ray Griffin, Director
Christa McAuliffe Center
Heron Creek Middle School launch.
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Reach for the Stars ~ National Rocket Competition
Dedicated to Astronaut Alan Bean
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