You:      set aside time for rocket science.
     � tell us how many students will be involved.
We:      � arrange for order and delivery .
     � supply achievement certificates for your students.
     � help with fund raising -
          by providing you with an itemized (no obligation) invoice and
information packet tailored to your needs.
Provided at no additional cost:   (with group orders)
     - on-line help from construction through launch.
     - Pause-for-Science Rocket Construction video.
1.  How many competitors? (minimum 12)
2.  What age / grade?  
(age 10 to 18)
3.  When do you want to launch?
4.  Do you have launch equipment?
(launch pad and control)
5.  Are you experienced?
 (Helpful - but not necessary)

All offers pending availability of funds. The goal of our program is to give kids the unique educational experience
of building and launching their own solid-fuel powered model rocket.
Copy the questions below into an e-mail
           - We'll send you a 'no obligation' detailed estimate..
Teacher Gil Burlew meets
Christa McAuliffe's mom -
Grace Corrigan
at October Sky Festival
The Rocketman presenting  certificate
to Joe Brannon , teacher
Braden River Middle School
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Space Shuttle Launch
Author Homer Hickam presents Space Shuttle Challenger commemorative medal to 2014 RFTS Winner
Anthony Roberson at US Space & Rocket Center
The Rocketman joins teacher Susan Roberts and her students at the
Sarasota Middle School launch.
RFTS Competition Launch
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