Home Rules & Help There are five (5) National Winners annually.
     Nati onal Winners receive a
Space Shuttle Challenger - commemorative medal and get the opportunity to launch their rockets from nd celebrate at place of historic significance to rocketry.Competition co-directors, Jack and Kathy Colpas boast that, “National winners receive memories to last a lifetime and bragging rights for generations to come.”
     Past winners have celebrated with
Christa McAuliffe's mother, Grace Corrigan - as well as Astronauts Bill Readdy, Jerry Ross, Mark Lee, Marcos Pontes, John Blaha and Tom Jones as well as Homer Hickam and the “ Rocket Boys .”

*Travel & Meals Not included

    The Competition, designed to be run by local organizations, is safe, easy and affordable.Everyone benefits.All contestants get a reusable model to build as well as the unforgettable experience of launching a solid-fuel powered rocket hundreds of feet into the sky.
    Competitors also receive a commemorative achievement certificate - suitable for framing. Each certificate features the artwork of Astronaut and Moonwalker, Alan Bean.   They also bear the image and an inspirational quote from Christa McAuliffe the first Teacher-in-Space.   Christa perished in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
Sponsors receive recognition and the satisfaction of
Helping Kids Reach for the Stars .

Running a local event is as easy as - Three…. Two…. One….
          3…. Find at least twelve contestants (ages 10 to 18) and order supplies.
          2…. Build and launch your rockets / Measure landing distance from target.
          1…. Award certificates and prizes
               – send winner’s info to National Competition Headquarters.
A video and on-line help are available for guidance.

Results from the Local Competitions will determine the National Winners.

Author Homer Hickam awards Challenger coin to Asia Starling at Space Camp
Grant Info
Mahlia Schneck - AHoF Launch Prep
Sports Fields are perfect for the YMCA  / AIAA  launch
National winner Jon Powell launches from Homer
Hickam Field
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