In 1978, he was selected by NASA in the first class of space shuttle astronauts. Overall, he has logged more than 8,800 hours of flight time.
         Jon McBride became an astronaut in August 1979.He was pilot of STS 41-G , which launched from Kennedy Space Center , Florida, on October 5, 1984, aboard the Orbiter Challenger. McBride served as NASA’s Assistant Administrator for Congressional Relations (1987-1989).

          He was scheduled to command the crew of
STS-35 Columbia , but the flight delayed in the wake of the Challenger disaster. McBride retired from NASA and the NAVY in May 1989 and pursued a career in business.

     Today, he works with
Kennedy Space Center -  Visitor Complex as a member of the Astronaut Encounter team . In addition to being a liaison between the visiting astronauts and the Visitor Complex, he also gives motivational lectures and presentations.                {KSC-VC}
Jon McBride congratulating, Reach for the Stars ~ Rocket Competition  2011 national  winner,
Mari Hernandez.
Presenting, Reach for the Stars ~ Rocket Competition 2011 national winner, Marc Kolling with his
Space Shuttle Challenger commemorative coin.
John McBride - NASA Bio
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