The Reach for the Stars ~ National Rocket Competition lends itself to the
Social Distancing Guidelines for halting the spread of flu and virus.

RFTS local competitions can be run with as few as 12 competitors .

    Competitors do not need to come in contact with each other.
    Competitors do not share supplies or equipment.
    Each competitor receives their own rocket kit in a factory sealed plastic bag.
    Each competitor preps and launches their own rocket.

     No travel involved to compete.      You run the RFTS Competition at your location.

--------------------- Social Distancing RFTS Rules Amendments ------------------
After inserting the engine / motor, the competitor will hand their rocket to an adult who will insert the igniter, connect the alligator clips, place the rocket on the Launch Pad and aim the rocket (Launch Rod)
as directed by the competitor .

The Launch Control should be attached to a flat surface for stability and to reduce handling. The adult will insert the safety key and begin count-down. The competitor will push the launch button using their own pencil or pen.
Each competitor will retrieve their own rocket.

To ease access and avoid having to bend to the ground for every launch - the Launch Pad and Launch Control can be attached to tables or benches. Aluminum foil can be used under the Launch Pad to protect the table�s surface.

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