1.  How are the Winners determined?
The 5 National Winners of each event will be determined from the Local Competition entries sent in by the annual deadline.Closest average landing to the target after two launches - wins! National Winners will receive an invitation to the national celebration at tSpace Camp.

3.  Will there be a run-off competition?
4.  What are the deadlines?
Local Competitions may be run any time. The official entry forms from local Competitions must reach headquarters by
midnight on the posted Deadline.
The deadlines are chosen to
allow winners enough time to plan their trip to the national winners' celebration.
HOME 2.  How many National Winners will there be?
There will be five (5) National Winners.
Dr Warren Layfield of  COSROCS coaches
2009 National Winner Seth Gardner
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How to run a Competition
5.  How early should I order?
Order as early as possible. Rocket engines / motors need to ship by ground and can take several weeks to arrive. You can avoid an additional Haz Mat fee ($35.00  2020 pricing) by ordering at least three weeks in advance.
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