6.  Who can compete?
Anyone - age 10 to 18 - at time of Competition.
7.  Who can host a competition?
Any organization (Scout Groups, Schools, Museums, Youth Groups, Clubs, etc.) may run a local competition.

8. Who can judge the local event?
There must be three (3) adult judges.
One must hold public title (School Admin., Police or Fire Dept. (Ranking Officer), Scout District or Council Leader, Elected Official (i.e. Mayor), etc.
Host may act as judge / Judges cannot be competitors. Relatives of participating competitors
cannot be judges.
9.  How many contestants are needed for a local event?
At least 12 competitors are needed for a local event.  There is no maximum number of competitors.
10.  Why is english rather than metric measurement used?
Most common measuring devices (tapes, wheels, etc.) in the U.S. are in the english (inches, feet) system. You may use metric measure for your Competition.  However, measurements must be accurately converted to english for the National Competition Entry Form.
Measurement up to 50 feet must be made to the nearest inch.
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