HOME The Ultimate Field Trip Flying for Me "On January 28, 1986, the seven crew members of the Space Shuttle Challenger/STS-51L �Teacher in Space� mission set out to broaden educational horizons and advance scientific knowledge. Their mission exemplified man�s noblest and most wondrous qualities � to explore, discover, and teach.

To the nation�s shock and sorrow, their Space Shuttle exploded 73 seconds after liftoff.
In the aftermath of the Challenger accident, the
crew�s families came together, firmly committed to the belief that they must carry on the spirit of their loved ones by continuing the Challenger crew�s educational mission. In April 1986, they created Challenger Center for Space Science Education "  (Challenger Center).  
Co-director, Kathy Colpas and Christa McAuliffe's mother, Grace Corrigan award Challenger coin to 2008 National Winner, Michelle Pieler National winners in the Reach for the Stars ~ Rocket competition receive a Space Shuttle Commemorative medal
"I never met Christa. But, like her - I was born in Boston in 1948, Graduated from a Massachusetts State College..and was teaching about 50 miles away from her when we both applied to be the first   Teacher-in-Space .
It is in Christa's memory that we run the

Reach for the Stars ~ National Rocket Competition
Jack Colpas , founder
Certificates presented with the coins are signed by Astronaut Jon McBride, Pilot of the Challenger on her earlier missions.
Astronaut Jon McBride receives Certificate of Appreciation from 2011 National Winners Mari Hernandez and Marc Kolling
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