Lusanda Pierre             Competition Host      John Giles, Rock Lake Elementary School
Harley Francis             Competition Host      Dr. Warren Layfield, Colorado Springs Rocket Society
John Lee                 Competition Host      Harry Hawbecker, Challenger Learning Center
Donovan Norton              Competition Host      Gil Burlew, Braden River High School
Karalee Corbeil            Competition Host      Myra Clemmons, Junaluska Elementary, North Carolina
Taylor Goodwin             Competition Host      Michael March , Penrose Elementary School, Colorado
Faylyn Emma             Competition Host      Florida League of Middle Schools & G.WIZ Science Museum, FL
2008 Winners
preparing to launch at the
Astronaut Hall of Fame
Reach for the Stars mural
by Astronaut Artist, Alan Bean
at the Astronaut Hall of Fame
2013 winners Mahlia Schneck and Ariel Lynch receive awards from Astronaut Mark Lee 2009 Winners  with The Rocketman and Launch Safety Officer,  Chrissy Sokol Astronaut Hall of Fame 2010
Azriel Clary              Competition Host     Patricia Hemenway, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida
Joseph Daily               Competition Host      Chuck Routhier, Sugg Middle  School
Claudia Deambrogio       Competition Host     Ryan Slattery , Piper High School
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Marc Kolling                    Competition Host      Michael Bastedo, Laurel Elementary School
Jo'Nae McCullough          Competition Host     Cheryl Hecker, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia
Mari Hernandez           Competition Host      Patricia Hemenway, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida
Steven Brooks                 Competition Host      Christina Hackey, Crystal River Primary School
Eric Madrigal                 Competition Host     Danielle Miller, University High School
Zachary Johnson         Competition Host     Dr. Brenda Haven, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Mahlia Schneck               Competition Host      Ellen Savard, Girl Scouts of Connecticut
Ariel Lynch                Competition Host      Jennifer McDaniel, Camp Connect / UCF, FL
Alma Perez                Competition Host     Mark Wilson, El Camino High School, CA
Space Camp
Greg Hammock               Competition Host      Danielle Miller, University High School, FL
Samual Mansfield           Competition Host      Jere Matty, USAF STEM, Arnold AFB, TN
Linda Nutt  
              Competition Host     Sarah Essaied, Girls Inc. of Greater Houston, TX
Elijah McNeill               Competition Host      Tina Hackey, Citrus Springs Elementary School, FL
Adrian Guzman           Competition Host      Sam Cassou, Booker High School, FL
Melissa Hernandez           Competition Host      Ed Hashey, Wilkinson Elementary School, FL
Matthew Kresch  
         Competition Host     Tina Hackey, Citrus Springs Elementary School, FL
October Sky Festival Celebration
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