2007 - 2012 National Competition Winners met with Homer Hickam and
launched with The Rocket Boys at the October Sky Festival - Coalwood, West Virginia
In 1957 Homer Hickam and countless others looked up and saw Sputnik fly overhead...
His world and ours has never been the same!
Katinna Jumper
   Competition Host   Megan Brown, Miccosukee Indian School
John Forgione      Competition H ost   Gil Burlew, Braden River High School
Austin Thomas     Competition Host     Gil Burlew, Braden River High School
Homer Hickam presents trophies to
2007 winners.
Alexandra Gordon
   Competition Host   Tom Sarko, Palm Beach Academy
Michelle Pieler    Competition Host   Gil Burlew, Braden River High School
Congratulations  to Gil Burlew
His students won  2  years
in a row!
2008 Winner
Michelle Pieler
gets trophy from
Homer Hickam.
Michelle Jorgensen
  Competition Host  Tracey Tomme, Challenger Learning Center
Isaac Sulsona      Competition Host   Renae Allen, Union County Schools
Seth Gardner     Competition Host     Dr. Warren Layfield, COSROCS
Danielle Pate
   Competition Host   Renae Allen, Union County High School
Maria Tarantino      Competition Host   Sam Crupi, Memorial High School
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Collin Warner
   Competition Host  Chad Warner, Boy Scouts of North Carolina
Mackie Tygart     Competition Host   Mark DiBois, Berrien High School, GA
Nicole Frese       Competition Host     Ellyn Savard, Girl Scouts of Connecticut
Coalwood Celebration
Coalwood Celebration
2013 Winners at Space Camp
2012 Winners at Space Camp
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