The aim of the Helping Kids Reach for the Stars program is to give kids the exciting opportunity to build and launch a solid-fuel powered model rocket. This will generate an interest in learning and foster a greater understanding of the challenges faced by scientists in achieving their goals.  We are excited to be affiliated with Vanguard Spacecraft's Steve McGrath - designer of the X-PRIZE Eagle .
Steve McGrath with Eagle test rocket The 2007 World Space Expo was an amazing event.  We are thrilled to be returning annually to the Astronaut Hall of Fame with the national winners of the Reach for the Stars Rocket Competition .  What an inspiration it will be for everyone involved! Steve was kind enough to allow us to join him at his table at the World Space Expo at Kennedy Space Center-Visitors Complex .  His support has been invaluable.
The Rocketman, Jack Colpas &
Steve McGrath, Vanguard Spacecraft with Estes models
HKRS co-directors, Jack & Kathy with Steve at the World Space Expo
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